Steve Escalante, General Manager

Steve is an industry veteran with 14 years of game development and publishing experience.  From starting his own indie development team in 1999 to his last four years with Bethesda Softworks, he is well versed in the sales, marketing, distribution and business development needs for AAA and indie games.  Now, he is returning to his roots and putting his full attention to helping independent development studios stay independent and be successful.

One interesting story about Steve, which has not been widely publicized, is he recently saved the world from the zombiepocalypse.

Georgina Verdon, Marketing Director

Georgina is an industry veteran who has headed up the marketing effort at both large and small video game companies internationally. After spending her early career in Europe she moved to the US in 2001 to head up International Marketing at a small developer, focusing on military PC games including Delta Force, Comanche and Black Hawk Down. From there she got to experience how larger publishers work and launched several PC and console titles working on brands such as Warhammer 40K, Saints Row, Supreme Commander, Company of Heroes and Defiance.

Having seen the light she now spends her time fighting evil and crusading on behalf of the indie developer.

Lance James Image

Lance James, Community Director

Lance is a gamer first and foremost and started his career as an E-Sports competitor. After several years he transferred his passion and game knowledge over to the corporate side of the video game industry by becoming a community manager. Some ten years later, after gaining skills in all aspects of the business, he now finds himself working for Versus Evil, fighting the good fight for the indie developer and adding an exciting personality to the team. He loves working with people and especially working with gamers.

Lance is also an expert marksman and loves pie.