First a kickstarter success, and now
a critically acclaimed epic Viking Saga,
Stoic's, "The Banner Saga", has taken
the industry by storm.




“It’s everything I hoped it would be: Challenging, Engaging, Beautiful and Deep”

-EuroGamer Magazine

Stoic Studio 

Stoic is an Austin based studio comprised of three, very gifted, very passionate game developers. John, Arnie and Alex started Stoic with the idea that if they didn’t make The Banner Saga now, a game like this may never get done. So after years spent at Sony Online Entertainment and BioWare, working on titles such as Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars: The Old Republic, they threw their concept out to the Kickstarter community. What started out as a small, but ambitious project, turned into one of Kickstarter’s elite raises. Now, the Stoic studio is poised to deliver on their promise, an epic Viking role-playing game that merges strategic turn-based combat with a deep rooted story embedded in a harsh and vast landscape.

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