Like a Boss is an Action RPG where you are the epic Raid Boss at the end of a dungeon, crushing  heroes as they come to steal your treasures. It presents a different perspective to famous MMORPGs, where you exploit the player’s failures as much as you can.

Make your dreams of slowly murdering the n00bs that made your group wipe all night long come true, unlock more overpowered spells, earn better gear by killing players, murder traitorous NPCs that give quests for players to kill you, place deadly traps for n00bs to step on and much much more.




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Fire Horse is a game development studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, founded in early 2012 with one mission above all, to create games with passion and quality.

Today they develop entertainment, advertisement, educational and training games for mobile and web platforms, always seeking the best solution for our customers and the maximum amount of fun for the final public.