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Your product rollout, digital goods, co-marketing partnerships and pricing are critical to your success.  Let’s get it right, because it’s rare to see a customer return.


We pride ourselves in having established an amazing network of distributors to maximize the sales of your game.

Keep Your Identity

Independence is hard fought.  Teamwork wins battles.

Being “indie” doesn’t mean you need to be niche. Let’s go Global.

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Skyshine's Bedlam

Some Bedlam inhabitants “go borg” by incorporating discarded technology and warware to their bodies for tactical and/or survival advantages, or in service to one of the “Machine Gods” they worship. Plenty of creative bodmod surgeons can always be found in Bedlam, experimenting on denizens with all sorts of biomachinery, genetic adjustments and paramilitary prosthetics. Cyborgs generally swear no obedience to pure-fleshers, but can prove to be powerful allies if persuaded.

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Versus Evil News

  • Guild of Dungeoneering Launch July 14, 2015 - DUBLIN, Ireland – July 14, 2015 – “Independent developer Gambrinous, in partnership with indie publishing powerhouseVersus Evil, has announced the release of their newest role-playing game (RPG) Guild of Dungeoneering...

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Steve Escalante

Steve is the General Manager of Versus Evil.  He most recently fought off the Zombiepocalypse, but now is focused on helping independent game developers. Read More.


Georgina Verdon

Georgina is Versus Evil’s Marketing Director.  She spends her spare time fighting evil and crusading on behalf of our partners. Read More.


Lance James

Lance is Versus Evil’s Community Director. His voice can be heard in many places speaking out for the independent developer. Read More.