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Awesome praise for Austin Wintory's score for The Banner Saga 2.

Austin Wintory posted this wonderful and generously praising review of my score to THE BANNER SAGA 2. I am particularly delighted that the author took note of the track titles, something I actually really slave over on all my releases (I really don't like titles like "Main Theme," "Love Theme," "Final Showdown" etc)

"Can I just pause and remark once again how gorgeous some of the cue titles are? This is poetry and I love to read a good title. It almost makes me create an image or a fantasy before the music even starts. They seem fitted for paintings rather than music cues and I applaud a composer that takes so much care in naming his creations. Since I did this for the first score as well, I picked a cue title that represents best my thoughts about this score: “More stars tonight then last night”."

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The Amazing Companies We Have Partnered With


Steve Escalante

Steve is the General Manager of Versus Evil.  He most recently fought off the Zombiepocalypse, but now is focused on helping independent game developers. Read More.


Georgina Verdon

Georgina is Versus Evil’s Marketing Director.  She spends her spare time fighting evil and crusading on behalf of our partners. Read More.


Lance James

Lance is Versus Evil’s Community Director. His voice can be heard in many places speaking out for the independent developer. Read More.